Monday, September 29, 2008

40 + 4

Now into the second half of my due "month", the "official" date was friday just gone, but we all know what babies think of due dates. :) Been out getting the garden sorted, Tim's finally helping out with getting the reticulation done - yay! That'll make it much easier for me to take care of the vege patch this summer. Much more waterwise as well.
Saw a vaguely similar bib somewhere in the wastes of the internet, didn't want to pay the $25 for it, so thought I'd try making something close myself. Two layers of flannel, bias binding etc (maybe next time I'll use a thinner one) and beads which I'm sure are a horrendous choking hazard.

Bring on baby!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

baby, carry me home

I think I must have one of at least every kind of baby carrier now. I was inspired to finally try making a mei tai style carrier recently, which also gave me an excuse to use a little of my precious stash of Lecien's "My Folklore" fabric. I must remember that if I keep a fabric forever and don't use it because it's too "special", I'll defeat the whole purpose of having the fabric!

The pattern I used (or eyeballed) was the simple and useful I don't know if it's obvious from the top photo, but I prefer the curved design to the straight. Luckily I have heaps of polarfleece scraps left over from making winter slings, so it was easy to find some to pad the straps out with. Very comfy from what I can tell, now I just need to borrow someone's baby to test it - or wait a couple weeks and use my own!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 weeks

On the home stretch now. Considered full term at this point, so if I was to go into labour now, nobody would stress about it. Except maybe me! But no... no need for that. The image above is me at 20 weeks (and Ms. Bessy) in the first and probably last dress I made with no pattern. One of those character building experiences! Fabric is a bamboo stretch knit from, in the yummiest pistachio green. Love it! Gonna have to replace the bias binding around the neckline with ribbing of some sort if I want to use this dress for feeding.

Finalyl used the stretch cotton sateen I got for a song earlier this year, and sewed myself a baby pouch! Have made them for everyone else, but... now it's done for me too! So, bring it on, baby! Was going to do some kind of block or screen print, but at the last minute, changed my mind and decided to applique some felt instead. Took me a whole viewing of "Matchmaker" and at least one M*A*S*H episode to finish, mostly because I did to mirror image bird-and-branch combos, so I could fully reverse the sling if I need to. I like to keep my options open!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

I don't care that it's too late to win this - OMG!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!! GO GIVE THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY SOME LOVE!!!!!!! Seriously...

*runs away to browse this gorgeous blog some more*