Sunday, September 14, 2008

baby, carry me home

I think I must have one of at least every kind of baby carrier now. I was inspired to finally try making a mei tai style carrier recently, which also gave me an excuse to use a little of my precious stash of Lecien's "My Folklore" fabric. I must remember that if I keep a fabric forever and don't use it because it's too "special", I'll defeat the whole purpose of having the fabric!

The pattern I used (or eyeballed) was the simple and useful I don't know if it's obvious from the top photo, but I prefer the curved design to the straight. Luckily I have heaps of polarfleece scraps left over from making winter slings, so it was easy to find some to pad the straps out with. Very comfy from what I can tell, now I just need to borrow someone's baby to test it - or wait a couple weeks and use my own!

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Tiff said...

I love the brown fabric! So cute! So are you ready for this little one? I'm sure you will be an awesome mama!