Thursday, July 7, 2011

And then there were four...

How lucky am I to have not one, but two little laid back babies? Finn is so much like his big brother in so many ways, in looks and behaviour. How blessed am I?

Ewan is adjusting really well to not being the sole star of the show anymore. I think many of our attachment parenting style decisions have helped towards this - co-sleeping, extended and now tandem breastfeeding, etc. He does get frustrated sometimes when he wants something NOW and mama has her hands full of feeding or sleeping baby. Understandable! Mama however has discovered that you can in fact help a toddler on the toilet when holding a newborn, amongst other things!

As with Ewan, the slings have all been lifesavers. I find myself predominantly using the simple pouch sling, and the wrap only for longer trips out.

Anyway, life in new baby land is pretty good. Sleep deprived, but made up for in so many ways.

- bloggin' on the move

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