Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Came From Behind

I can't believe I'm about to write this.

I've been swanning around the house all morning, thinking poetic thoughts, trying to decide which of the worthy topics I should blog about today.

I was going to write about my take on envroinmentalism, and what I'm doing to lessen my impact on the earth.

I was going to write about the fun we had at the Park last sunday, and the gorgeous weather we're having this autumn.

I was even going to write about food - my favourite recipes this week, what new things I'd like to try, and the fact that I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.

Craft was even going to get a mention - I actually managed to make a few wee things this week for the bubba. Not to forget the Ikea shopping we've been planning (in our heads).

And I chose poo.

I just have to get this experience out of my head. I was doing the dishes and heard the rumble coming from the highchair, where Ewan was happily demolishing a slice of pear all on his own (did I mention 4 wee sharp teeth have made an appearance in the last 2 weeks?) Thinks I, no worries, we were due for one of these. So I head on over to the change table, and discover it was one of those ones.

The nappies where you don't quite know where to start.

"SWEET CUPPIN' CAKES, BUBBA!" (That's not what I acatually yelled, but I don't want to post profanity.) "No, it's fine, I can do this... OH MY... " (discovering more and more..... you mamas know what I'm talking about - UP THE BACK).

At this point, Ewan thinks it'll be a great joke to play his newest trick on me - and flips over.

"NOOOOO!!!" (The neighbours must be wondering what's going on at this point)

Then - ooh, I better reach around and see what's going on here....

"BUBBA! YOUR HANDS!!! Oh dear Lord...."

So you get the idea. Yikes.

I'm off to wash both our hands again.

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