Monday, November 17, 2008

little folk and... little folk

As those of you who are mums know well, these little people tend to take up a lot of your time. Not that it's not given joyfully - little Ewan is the sweetest baby you could wish for. he's so aware and alert, and the smiles he gives us stretch from ear to ear.

The other night when I was up nursing, in that semi half-awake dream state, I finally came up with something to make with these little wooden people I bought a while ago. I've been struggling to come up with something original, so hopefully it is!

The mushroom cap is made from sculpey, and it's painted with acrylic paints, sealed with a matte varnish. I made him in stages inbetween feeds yesterday, and finished him off today. I'm thinking of either selling these little guys at my etsy store (which is sadly neglected at the moment) and/or at the local markets. What do you think?

To all those who have found my blog recently - hi! I'll come visit all of yours (if I can) again real soon. And I'll try to reply to comments left in the actual comments. I wish Blogger had a better way, but that seems to be it.


Tiff said...

Cute!!! I love the mushroom cap!

Maria Rose said...

Yes, that is a really cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I am very impressed that you are able to blog at all! The early days (and not so early days) with my babies were utterly exhausting and I did nothing creative at all.
The little mushroom man is very sweet. And by the way, I love the jewellery in your etsy shop.