Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's finally rained, after nearly three months without any. And it was satisfying rain as well, heavy, constant, soothing. I can almost see the lawn growing in front of my eyes now. The photo on the top bar (and to the left) was taken outside this morning, before the morning sun could evaporate the last of the raindrops. It's amazing how quickly water disappears in the desert. The red sand drinks it in greedily, like a great thirsty beast.

The last time it rained like this, we had a visitor in our backyard for about a month - a rare burrowing frog, that only comes out once every few years after monsoonal rains sweep down from the north. It was wonderful to hear him calling every night. It's a sound I've missed - along with the ever present crickets and cicadas - since moving away from the sub-tropics.

Although I've sewed today, I still don't really feel like I've accomplished anything. Time for another trip back to http://simplemom.com/ to remind myself of how to be productive - I just have to remember not to get so caught up reading all the wonderful posts that I forget why I went there!

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